Candise Bertram is passionately driven in her holistic approach to massage therapy, and is a nationally certified LMP earning her degree from Everest College in 2009.  Her training includes Deep Tissue, Therapeutic Massage, Pregnancy, Cupping, Hot Stone, Swedish, Reiki II, Fascia Release, Aroma Therapy and Amma. 

Her personal interest and education in psychology, communication, nutrition, meditation, energy work, and color therapy allow her to approach her practice as a LMP in a capacity that goes beyond localized aches and pains. Candise is excited to help you to nourish, regenerate and balance your body.

Candise states, “I don’t believe one size fits all. Nor do I believe in a singular approach to maintaining balance. I enjoy working with a team of Health Practitioners to support the well being and health of clients. I believe in providing a space that clients can feel safe, communicate and be empowered.”  She believes each client is unique, offing them an experience that is specialized towards their well being.

Her interest extends to other modalities such as Energy Medicine, Theta, and Visceral massage, expanding her knowledge and “hands on” training allows her to deepen her connection to her work.  Other personal interest include sharing time with her family on hikes and adventures, yoga, acrylic painting, photography, and getting dirty in the garden.