Dr. Caroline Brinkley has been a medical doctor for more than three decades. She’s seen and heard almost everything, from leprosy to pathological hair pulling. She’s still convinced that the best way to diagnose a patient is to listen.  The physical comes later.

Caroline strongly believes that professionalism doesn’t have to be dry and stuffy. Just the opposite. She also believes that if you can’t cure ‘em, at least make them laugh. Medical jargon catches in her throat, and all explanations are thorough, and usually accompanied by artistic rendering of the problem. She enjoys getting to know her patients on a personal level, and working with them to determine the best course of treatment

Dr. Brinkley grew up on the south coast of England, and so eventually landed in that part of America with a similar climate:  Seattle.. She graduated from high school in Burien, and earned her undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Washington. She has worked in such diverse places as Tishomingo, Okla., Hana, Hawaii, and Browning, Montana.   She worked for fifteen years at the University of Montana’s student health service, also serving as a team physician for the Lady Griz basketball team, before returning to Washington in 2006. She has worked at clinics on Vashon, as well as Port Orchard and various Swedish primary care clinics, part time. 

Though she can usually take care of “whatever walks through the door” she is particularly interested in what’s important after menopause, and chronic back pain. 

When not working, you’ll find her tending her abundant garden on Maury Island, where she lives with her husband, two border collies and a cat. In addition to gardening, Caroline loves to travel (she’s taken 13 bike trips to Ireland, for example) and is an avid reader. Give her a good crime novel and she’s away for the day.  She also has developed in the last few years passions for creative writing, cooking and painting. She recently took up stained glass.

She strives for perfection in any task, whether medical or artistic, and won’t be satisfied until everyone is happy with the result.