Tessa has been fascinated with food and fitness as medicine for decades. She earned her BS in Nutrition from Bastyr University in 2004 with a focus on whole foods culinary design. As a personal chef, a culinary instructor, consultant, product and recipe developer, Tessa has explored many different ways to enjoy and apply food to help enhance, empower and heal the individual. She has taught large, high paced corporate classes to intimate in home classes. Her personal chef clients range from those with severe medical issues to families in need of nutrition support to get on a better path to daily health. It is her passion and mission to create diets, menus and dishes that are not only delicious and beautiful but with the purpose to promote health.

Tessa believes that preparing our bodies properly using food, fitness and on going personal development lessons the effects of stress and challenges out of our control. Tessa promotes beauty, health and serenity from the inside out and food, fitness and personal development are her mediums. Creating healthy habits and gradual behavior change is her focus.

You can find Tessa playing various sports, yoga, running and skiing. You can of course find her in the kitchen creating meals for her family, testing new recipes, canning and fermenting. She is an avid reader and loves any adventure. Tessa is the mother of 2 sons that attend school on Vashon and has been a resident here for 7 years. It is her honor to join Vashon Natural Medicine and to serve the people in her community.

To make appointments please contact Tessa directly at: 206-861-6187 or