Educational Rights for Disabled Students

Providing health care in a community means working together on behalf of all of our residents. Vashon Natural Medicine is thankful to work collaboratively with many different agencies on Vashon, including Seeds 4 Success, an organization dedicated to enhancing community inclusion, and employment opportunities for those with disabilities. 

This past weekend, in conjunction with Seeds 4 Success, Vashon Natural Medicine hosted a seminar for parents and caregivers of students with disabilities regarding their educational rights. Attorneys Lara Hruska and Angela Shepow from Cedar Law, PLLC provided a free seminar for parents that included IEPs (Independent Educational Plans), 504 Plans, IDEA law and FERPA - the federal law that requires a Free and Fair Education for All students. It was thorough and very much appreciated information. Parents of children with disabilities rarely have the extra time required to consistently learn and advocate what their rights are in the public schools.

A significant portion of our health comes from our education and social environment, so having appropriate access to both is not only critical for our children's health, it is state and federal law. At Vashon Natural Medicine we believe that all of our community members are important, have value, and deserve the best health (including their education) that we can give them. 

For more information about the rights of students with disabilities, contact Seeds 4 Success or Cedar Law, PLLC.