Create Health by Supporting Your Community

When I was a medical school student, I was lucky enough to listen to lectures from Dr. John Bastyr, the namesake of Bastyr University. Dr. Bastyr told us that being a physician, especially a Naturopathic physician, was a political profession. At the time, none of us understood how much we would each have to advocate for the acceptance of Naturopathic medicine over the course of our careers. But Dr. Bastyr also meant that the role of physician is critical in advocating for the health in all areas of our patients lives.

Naturopathic physicians believe that health is encompassed by not just our physical health, but our mental health, the health of our families, our community and our environment. At Vashon Natural Medicine, we are thankful for our patients and our community. To that end, since it's inception in 1998 Vashon Natural Medicine has supported many different organizations, from the Vashon Maury Island Land Trust which preserves our local environment, to DoVE that provides support for victims of domestic violence.

This year we are honored to be able to sponsor the Vashon Maury Food Bank's Summer 2017 Picnics in the Park, a program to provide lunches to children when school lunches are not available. This summer the Vashon Maury Food Bank plans to provide 3000 lunches to at least 500 students, and this year they will also be sending home fresh produce and snacks with families for the week. 

Help us make sure that all of our children are healthy, and enjoy their summer without worrying about being hungry. Contact the Vashon Maury Food Bank if you would like to donate or volunteer. We would like to think Dr. Bastyr would approve.